A lot of websites only follow what’s ‘hot’ and what is ‘popular,’ for a time on my old site, BFochs Beats Blog, that was part of the formula. Nobody in the e-streets gains when everyone does the same thing, especially when it comes to supporting and giving people dope, new fresh music to listen to, in my opinion at least.  So with out further ado, time to introduce you to an artist you may not know of yet, who is going to explode this year, his name, is Ye Ali. 

I first heard of Ye Ali via Twitter funny man, and overall good dude, BDell I’m never one to shun a trusted person’s musical opinion, so when he tweeted about him, I did some research and I could see what he was talking about. Ye Ali is a superstar waiting to happen, and it’s already starting to happen. Ali, a native of Los Angeles, blends the smooth R&B flows of past and present, with the street sound of trap music, and as easy as that might seem to do it is not.

Ali has been doing his thing below the radar for a minute actually, via releasing his own music and working with artists, namely Chris Brown, who he, and Milwaukee, WI native, Bizness Boi, have production and writing credits on songs of his, Ye Ali actually worked with Chris Breezy on his most recent studio album, “Heartbreak On A Full Moon.” Not to get off track, but Bizness Boi has been grinding a long time too, I covered him a bit on my old blog, and it’s safe to say, his moment is now as well.

Ye Ali and Bizness Boi will be releasing Ali’s new effort “Traphouse Jodeci 2” soon, no official date yet, but #Soon #YaDig Below is a video for Ye Ali’s collabo with Eric Bellinger called “Big Body Benz.” Check it out, and see if you feel the same way I do about Ye Ali, he who shall blow.

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