A big part of The Fochshole will not be only entertaining people via many different aspects, but also putting people on game, giving people knowledge they themselves can turn into wisdom to better their lives in general. The world is only getting crazier, so we must equip our brains with things that will help us perform and understand what it takes to flourish in society #YaDig

The first offering in the #WisdomWheaties segment should help you keep your finances organized and on point when it comes to paying your bills on time. Prism is a dope smartphone app that can help you keep all your bills paid within one online program. It allows you to link all of your online bill accounts via your zip code into the Prism app so you can pay them all centrally their app. They allow for alerts and reminders so you know when you gotta fork over your bacon to keep the bill collectors off your behind, very helpful in our fast-paced lives where we can often times get sidetracked and forget about things until it’s too late. Why ruin your pocket book and credit when you don’t have to? Below are links to get the app for FREE via Google Play and the iTunes app store.

Get Prism On Google Play

Get Prism On The iTunes App Store

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