In many fan’s minds and comedy circles, Comedian Dave Chapelle is considered one of the greatest Comics of all time. Dave is personally my favorite comedian ever, his no holds barred style is what I appreciate the most from him, especially now in this day and age where everyone is so easily offended and you have to be so politically correct. Chapelle just released two new Stand-Up specials via Netflix, which I might add, are ridiculously hilarious in their own ways.

A lot of  people know Dave Chapelle from his classic cult film “Half Baked,” but where he really broke out into the consciousness of American Comedy was through his sketch comedy series, “Chapelle Show.” It was an instant classic to many of it’s viewers, and it still rings bells for everyone who enjoy the genre of Comedy. Unfortunately, it only had 2 full seasons after Dave decided to leave the show abruptedly. Be that as it may, with many things its quality over quantity, and “Chapelle Show” definitely hits the mark on that axiom.

It appears Comedy Central is trying to capitalize on the newly released Chapelle NetFlix specials, and that’s fine by me, because they are now posting his individual sketches from “Chapelle Show” via YouTube. Easier access to comedic gold you say? Don’t mind if we do! For those who are familiar with the brilliance that is the “Chapelle Show” this is a good time to relive some of his classic sketches, for those who are new to “Chapelle Show” you my friends are in for a treat. Below is one of the sketches, entitled “The Playa Haters’ Ball.” Enjoy!

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