It’s no secret, Milwaukee, WI is a hot bed for very talented MC’s and artists alike. I would have to make a separate website just to soley cover just their scene, that’s how massive and encompassing it is, and that’s probably an understatement, quite honestly. One of their burgeoning artists, comes via different trajectory than most who enter the game. 414 repper, CT came into the game as a music game, but little did everyone know, this guy can rap with the best of them.

CT blogged for a solid amount of years before he decided, “I have a voice, I know what I got it takes to make music,” and low and behold, he hit the ground running. For an artist that has only been releasing music for a year, he is very polished and professional, it can take up and coming artists years before they get that part down, you would think he’s been in the game for 5 years or so. Musically, he hits the mark as well, it’s one thing to have a thought or an idea, but executing it, that’s where it can get hairy.

His first official project, “Not Bad 4 A Blogger,” just recently turned one year old, and from the other things he’s released since then, he is methodically moving to be known as a household name within Milwaukee and beyond. Below you can peep “Not Bad 4 A Blogger,” Don’t forget to ‘like’ his official fan page on Facebook as well.  Make sure to keep it locked to The Fochshole for more from CT in the near future and beyond #YaDig



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