Sampling other music to create new music has been an art of music creation for longer than I can remember.  We all hear a song on the radio, our preferred streaming device, phone or wherever and often times hear something within the song that makes us wonder, “I’ve heard something in that beat before, but I just can’t place my finger on it.”

We could go the long route and go through our music collections to track down the song that was used as a sample to create the song we have heard, but there’s a far simpler method to figuring the sample out. Enter WhoSampled. WhoSampled is a FREE, online database that allows you to search for music that contains samples, and directly shows you not only the song that was sampled, but also the exact part in the original composition in which the sample was taken from.

This is not only a useful tool for music producers looking for inspiration for their next sample flip, but it is a great way for the casual listener to get educated on not only the song they wanted to know the sample for, but for the artists’ music that is being sampled. If you are like me, you can go into a deep wormhole where you end up examining another artists’ whole music catalog based off just one of their songs that is sampled.

For music nerds like myself, WhoSampled has been an incredibly clutch tool to educate myself on other artists and to draw inspiration in general musically when it comes to looking for samples. Did I mention it’s free? You can even go a step further if you would like to submit your own content in which the database will allow you to register samples you’ve found in other music, a great way to educate and keep the ‘diggin in the crates’ movement moving in the correction direction. Hit the link below to start finding out “WhoSampled” who #YaDig

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