The mumble rapper, what even is exactly a mumble rapper you say? Well if we are going off the definition of the court of public opinion, keyword opinion, it’s a rapper who just raps over hot production and doesn’t really have in-depth lyrics, basically just mumbling nonsense over the beat. Whatever a mumble rapper is, they are getting blamed for the down fall of the genre of Hip Hop, that is categorically false in my opinion.

Hip Hop is like a tree, a tree with an incredibly good foundation. The branches of said ‘tree’ are the various sub-genres of Hip Hop. The tree’s continuous growth has Hip Hop purists claiming that they art form isn’t what it used to be.  That is correct to an extent. A tree at year 1 is going to be different from a tree at age 30, that’s basic science, it’s still the same tree it was planted to be, but it’s always going to have continued additions through new foliage and branches.

You can also attribute the disconnect within it’s core fans with what major labels are pushing and deeming as ‘quality rap music.’ That too, is a faulty excuse for saying that mumble rappers are destroying the culture and the genre.  A lot of people have revisionist history and believe that wack MC’s just started appearing in recent years, that is false and incredibly short-sighted. Often times, with a generational separation we subconsciously pit each other against one another due to the era we grew up in, that isn’t pragmatic.

Music consumers have the utmost freedom to support whatever music they want to support. This post isn’t necessarily in the defense of mumble rappers, it’s more so defending the fact people can create whatever kind of music they would like, it’s an art form, to try to censor and tell someone what kind of art they create is blasphemous, you wouldn’t want someone telling you how to make your music, why should the new age of rappers not be afforded the same level of respect. You don’t have to like it, music is subjective so there is no such thing as the ‘right way to make music.’ Characteristics within the music help define the genre, but that doesn’t define or delegate how one creates.

Also, another huge factor is the fact we are living in the internet age, the same access upcoming artists have to get their music out to the masses can be reversed and used for listeners to discover what they deem quality Hip Hop or rap music.  No excuse really to get what kind of rap music you want with a simple Google search or too.  Is the mainstream music machine promoting artists that would not be traditionally promoted during the ‘Golden Era Of Hip Hop,” of course. That doesn’t mean you need to subscribe to what they are pushing, and they are pushing more traditional Hip Hop artists, you just need to be more persistent in your search for what you like if that’s the type of music you are into.

When I see people say “rap sucks, it’s not like how it used to be.” The ‘rap sucks’ part is subjective, and of course it’s not like how it used to be, if a tree doesn’t grow it will get destroyed by the elements and will cease to exist. I’m certainly not trying to guilt people into buying into what’s currently on the market, but there is enough market share for everyone to get what they want to listen to. #YaDig What are your thoughts about the current state of rap and Hip Hop? Comment below!

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