An artist’s versatility, can be taken for granted because their talent supersedes what is actually happening before our ears and eyes.  Milwaukee, WI MC, Genesis Renji fits the bill on the previously stated adage.  A lot of times, an artist will step out of their “comfort zone,” to appease the label, the fans or whatever they see as a viable reason for sticking their feet into murky waters. If I had to just pick one Quality Genesis displays profoundly, it his versatility, and considering the overall talent level, it’s hard just picking one.

The Miltown spitter can go in any direction musically, and it’s organic, authenticity in one’s artistic production is a rare trait that unfortunately, not a lot of Hip Hop artists possess, it’s certainly not the end all be all, but when you can hear the soul in one’s work, it makes it far more enjoyable, and it has the strength to stand the test of time.  Genesis Renji is steadily working on new music, citing via social media that an audio offering by the name of “Life Is Lucid,” is inbound this month. Below you can peep his most recent effort “2 AM In Milwaukee” via your preferred digital music outlet. Keep it posted for more from the “House Of Renji” General on The Fochshole in the future #YaDig


Genesis Renji-2 AM In Milwaukee 

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