Of all the great MC’s in this history of the rap game, Of all the great MC’s in this history of the rap game, Nasir Jones is my personal favorite. His album, “Illmatic,” is heralded by many to be the greatest Hip Hop of all time, whether you agree with that statement or not, there is no denying that this project jump started Nas’ career and catapulted him into Hip Hop infamy.  So when I heard that he was doing a concert special with PBS, my interest was certainly piqued.

Nas, in conjunction with PBS, combined forces for one of their “Great Performances” concert episodes to film Nas performing his classic album with the National Symphony Orchestra.  Just seeing Nas perform Illmatic alone would be excellent, but with the sounds of an orchestra behind him for said performance?  That is no doubt, “Must See TV.”  This is something I would jokingly talk about with one of my boys, “you know what would be dope?  If Nas performed with an orchestra behind him.”  Well it happened,  and it will be airing on PBS,  February 2nd at 9 PM ET.  Below you can catch an official trailer for the concert special via Mass Appeal.


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