The technology world gathered for the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently, and if you technology tickles your fancy like it does me, boy oh boy, we are in for very interesting items in 2018 and beyond.  The craziest thing I saw was that they now have the power to make 8K TVs, that’s a display resolution 16 times more powerful than standard HD.

Don’t get excited though,  things won’t be available for broadcast in 8K for at least a few more years, but the fact they are giving the public a glimpse, means it will be here before you know it.  Also, right around the corner we will be able to purchase 4K TV’s for even cheaper,  one of the benefits of new technology coming onto the market. #YaDig  Below you can catch an article from USA Today displaying 10 items journalist Marc Saltzman would buy immediately, a very stout list.  The future is now my party people!


CES 2018: 10 Items I’d Buy Immediately 

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