Often times, when an artist gains enough weights in the music world, a positive consequence of that is garnering attention from the major music labels.  All that glitters is not gold, as we all know and a lot of artists end up signing their life away for instant gratification.  Milwaukee MC, Scalez dodged the ooo’s an aah’s of being a major label artist knowing damn well he could be the king of his own castle, an emperor of his own empire.

We live in times where we only want to live in the now and not in the future.  You must certainly have to enjoy the moment, but what a lot of people don’t understand is the immediate moment can impact the rest of your moments in a negative manner.  Scalez has been a staple in the Miltown rap scene for years, and it’s no shock if you really think about it.  Respect is earned not given, and moving to the beat of his own drum, Scalez has accomplished that and more.

From dropping music, to being at the forefront of the MKE night life scene as both host and performer, Scalez gets busy, and he has himself to congratulate to staying true to what he wants to do.  Any youngsters out there trying to get in the game reading this post need to understand, staying true to your own goals and aspirations will serve you better than chasing these dreams the industry is selling, owning your own entity and dictating your trajectory is far more valuable, Scalez is living proof of that.

Like I said above, when Scalez isn’t being the host with the most at various Night Clubs in Milwaukee, he is steady grinding on the music tip.  Below you can catch Scalez’ latest project, “Mansa Musa,” via various digital platforms as well as a promo video for the song “Mansa Musa Musik.”   Also, watch out for the premiere for his music video for the track “Mission Statement” dropping this week.  If you are in Milwaukee and you see his name on the promo flyer for a club event, best believe it’s going to be off the chain #YaDig



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