If you put a gun to my head and told me “BFochs pick your favorite new artist in the game right now,” the choice would be a man who is blazing the game currently, and you probably wouldn’t have had to put a gun to my head to give you the name Dave East.  The Harlem hot spitter brings that authentic NYC feel with his own twist on things with dope lyricism, story telling and a penchant for quality production.  There is no surprise the legendary Queensbridge artist, Nas, signed him to his Mass Appeal Records imprint.  Dave has been steadily churning out dope tunage for some years now, and his stock is growing and break neck speeds.

He most recently released not only a groovy mixtape called “Paranoia 2,” but the official music video for a song off his most recent studio album “Paranoia: The Album” featuring Nas entitled “The Hated.”  Below you can peep the video and download his new mixtape “Paranoia 2.”



Download “Paranoia 2”

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