They say “to the victor go the spoils,” well doughnut-eating champion, Bradley Hardison took those words a little bit too literally, it seems.  Hardison, who won a police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest back in 2014 recently got arrested for breaking into a Dunkin Donuts, I’m not making this up folks.  Shortly after his tasty victory in 2014, he got in trouble for some break-ins in the county near where he won his doughnut-eating contest.  Probably not smart to commit crimes where the cops will recognize you from their sponsored doughnut-eating contest.

This time around, Hardison allegedly broke into a safe at a Dunkin Donuts, well I guess he wasn’t just there for donuts, but it’s very poetic that this occurred, the doughnuts giveth and take away, apparently.  Hit the link for more info about this tomfoolery via Huffington Post.

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