Curtis Jackson, better known to just about everyone as 50 Cent, is a hustler’s hustler.  This man has made so many smooth business moves, some of them happen to go unnoticed because of his polarizing persona.  Word just got out that 50 Cent was ahead of the curve once again, this time with investing in Bitcoin.  The G-Unit head honcho saw it before many, like a wise hustler usually does.

In 2014, when he released his album, “Animal Ambition,” 50 Cent offered Bitcoin as a form of payment for purchasing the album.  The album brought in 700 Bitcoins in sales, and at this point, that 700 bitcoin was valued at 400,000 dollars, that’s a pretty stout profit alone at the time.  Today, those bitcoins are worth between 7-8.5 MILLION dollars.  Talk about flourish!  Musically, he hasn’t done what he did at the beginning of his career, but to expect him to repeat that success is quite absurd, business wise though, he has been crushing it, this even further proof of that.  Hit the link for more info from XXL on Curtis’ cash out on Bitcoin. #YaDig

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