When an art becomes a multi-billion dollar industry, things can get very hairy fast.  One’s wish to create and be properly compensated gets very messy in music and the entertainment business.  If one is not well versed in the business aspect of the music industry, you can get taken to the cleaners and then some.  God bless industry resources such as this dope blog, The Trichordist.

The kind folks at The Trichordist documents a lot of news and information about the big time and small time music streaming services, which obviously, is a huge deal, because music streaming has become a huge way for artists to get their music, and to be compensated financially for it as well.  Below is a pay scale for streaming services from 2017, it’s interesting to see the actual data behind what these companies pay artists, artists, pay attention, this information can help you a lot! #YaDig



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