Nike is doing their thing with the Kyrie 4’s my people.  Obviously, they won’t reach the heights in popularity of a Jordan sneaker or an NMD and what have you, but they are definitely holding their own at the creative rate they are dropping.  The main #Wavemaster, Bossco Mitchell does us all justice once again with a dope review on the newest installment of the Kyrie 4’s, the “City Guardians.”

They paid homage to his new team via the colorway which is highly respectable. I’m a big fan of the color grey, so the grey body is a home run for me, and the green accents on the soul and the groovy bottoms are quite stout as well, peep the review below, and subscribe to Bossco’s channel he is doing a groovy giveaway for a slick SprayGround back pack subscribe to get on that vibe. #YaDig.


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