Longevity is a paramount goal for a musician to assure their place in the annals of music history.  This #Roses honoree, Curren$y, epitomizes the term longevity.  The hardcore Hip Hop and Rap fan honor Spitta Andretti for his very impressive career, but the average listener, I don’t believe really appreciates this man’s overall grind and ability to put out music for as long as he has and have a sufficient and prosperous career.

To say that he is just a Dirty South legend would be to understate what Curren$y has done with his career in my opinion.  Yes, he has been a staple on the New Orleans rap scene for a very long time, but to branch out and garner the support of fans nationally and worldwide, mostly in an independent manner I might add, is highly respectable.

Another captivating thing about Curren$y to me, is the fact he had the opportunity to ride Lil Wayne’s wave when Lil Wayne was building steam into becoming the most sought after solo artist in the rap game at the time.  What did Curren$y do? He left Cash Money to venture into his own endeavors, a lot of artists don’t have the foresight to even attempt to do that.  It would be like being on a hit TV Show and just leaving to test uncertain grounds.  I’ve said this before in other posts, but the piece of mind an artist can garner following their own path is very rewarding, and Curren$y is thriving off making that move.

Let’s actually talk about his artistry for a second.  I don’t ever hear anyone say Curren$y sounds like so and so, or he is doing what such and such does, not musically at least.  In a game which is predicated on riding waves and borrowing styles, Spitta has stuck to his authentic guns and done him through and through.  Riding a wave may serve you well in the short-term, but for longevity’s concern, it will not serve you well 9 times out of 10.

It was so hard picking some music for this post because Curren$y’s catalog is so deep, you can’t go wrong with just about anything he’s made, obviously some projects/records are better than others, but the baseline feel for things is consistent.  Below you can peep videos for 3 Curren$y joints I happen to fancy.  “Grand Theft Auto,” “Famous,” and




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