I noted in one of my #Fochservations that dressing up your pets in clothes is absolutely ridiculous, but this is taking it to the next level, next next level.  Some douchebag thought it would be a swell idea to dye it’s dogs hair purple, I’m not making this up, the poor pooch ended up with chemical burns from this tomfoolery and the vets had to put in extra work to ensure Violet would make it out okay with no blindness or permanent damage from this travesty.  Thankfully, Violet recovered and found a new owner.

What is wrong with people?  What in your mind tells you to dye your dog’s hair?  Dogs were given a hair color a specific hair color by DNA, and I’m damn sure a dog isn’t thinking to itself, “You know, maybe I should have my owner dye my hair for me.”  People need to get it together, man’s best friend needs to be treated with love and respect, and dying it’s hair to your liking is not doing so.  #YaDig  Hit the link for more information on this sad, but very true tale.

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