Milwaukee MC on the rise, CT, displays not only quality music, but a quality video treatment for not one, but TWO visuals within a visual in the form of a video for “Lord Willin/Ridin,” featuring James Tatum. Tatum brought the track together wish his smooth harmonizing and singing.  The soulful, conscious cut, produce by Black Out Beats, displays CT’s ability to be thought provoking, as well sprinkling in his ability to tell a story about his day to day struggles as a man.

I think one of the best attributes of an artist is to be able to help you visualize their thoughts throughout their music.  Being able to paint vivid visuals verbally can help make one’s music stand the test of time, and in my opinion that should be one of the deciding factors when an artist is in creation mode.  For an artist who has been putting out music for little over a year, CT displayed that well with this effort.

Another thing that struck me was the high caliber of video production.  That is not only a credit to CT for enacting a vision he had, but also a great sign of directing by video director, Antoine Davis for executing the concept.  Pay attention aspiring MC’s and up and comers, in this day and age where a lot of things online are consumed in a visual manner, you must have respectable video production to stand out from the fray of artists trying to grab the fans attention.

Check out the video below, and also hit the links beneath it to stream CT-Lord Willin’/Ridin’ #YaDig



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