#RBelly has always been a fan of eating food, I mean eating is fun just about to everyone, right?  It wasn’t until I started watching Munchies where I got a real interest in actually cooking, cooking cooking, not just baking frozen food in an oven or microwave.  One individual in particular, a cool cat by the name of Matty Matheson, took away my culinary anxiety by his funny, cool, and easy going cooking recipe videos and culinary expeditions.

A big part of me never getting into the culinary grind was because it seemed so intimidating, but honestly it’s not.  Matty’s cool content on Munchies not only interested me, but gave me the feeling that I could pull some of this stuff off.  If not for Matty Matheson, there would be no #RBelly, so thank him for inspiring me to get into the category of culinary goodness.  Matty definitely makes cooking fun again. #YaDig

Below is a video with Matty Matheson cooking up a very tasty looking steak sandwich.  If this doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.  Chef on Matty, chef on!


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