I usually post “old school” music videos and such on my Facebook timeline every Thursday in honor of “Throwback Thursday,” I figured, why not do it on my blog not only to get a chance to post some sweet older music for the fans who have been listening to Rap & Hip Hop for decades, and to educate the younger folks, who may have not ever heard this music.

It’s hard to believe for the hardcore Hip Hop/R&B fan to believe someone hasn’t heard the classic songs, but that’s the great thing about music, we always get a chance to learn about new artists and music we have maybe overlooked or never got a chance to listen to for various reasons.¬† Being that it’s the first of February, I figured to hit the pavement running with the classic song “First Of Tha Month,” by the legendary, Cleveland, OH group, Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Fun BFochs fact, I had their other hit single from E. 1999, “Tha Crossroads,” on cassette when I was a young buck, and my tape deck ate the tape, needless to say little BFochs was very very sad when that happened. #YaDig¬† Peep the video for “First Of Tha Month” below and enjoy the month of February!


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