The quest to explore our galaxy is perpetual, and with the help of this new telescope they are about to launch in 2019, that quest is going to get a whole lot more exciting.  NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and European Space Agency, have collaborated on developing an ultra out of this world space telescope by the name of James Webb Space Telescope.  This puppy has been in development since 1996, so I can only imagine the kind of engineering and design that is involved with a project that took over 20 years to create, amazing technology abound, Space fans.

Although the James Webb Space Telescope has more “fire power” than the Hubble Telescope, which is currently our most powerful eye in the outer space skies, it will do some different things that the Hubble can do on it’s own efficiently.  If you thought some of the portraits from outer space were breathtaking, once the JWST launches, you better be sitting down, because things are going to get quite more vivid.  Not only putting the quality in the equation, the JWST will be able to see farther into space than anything previously soaring high above our Earth skies.

Hit this link for the official NASA website for the official details of the James Webb Space Telescope, also, below you can catch a chart of the astronomical events you will be able to see in the sky this year, which is a lot more than your average astronomical event calendar for one year. #YaDig




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