Often times as consumers, we do not make an inquiry or investigate on how certain products and services came to be.  In the case of the iconic video game, Tetris, the path for this classic game took to become available to the masses is a very interesting one.  The story of Tetris started with a Russian computer analyst putting one of his ideas to fruition and after that, things got hairy.

Not only was this game created in Russia, it happened to come to reality during the tail end of the Cold War, just the political aspect of this story is very intriguing.  The place where it gets real spicy is when various video game companies, such as Atari & Nintendo, went to war over it’s publishing rights.  The happy ending in this whole story though for me, is when the original creator, Alexey Pajitnov, finally started getting paid for his creation, it took some time, but thanks to good karma, it worked out for him.

You can catch the full history of Tetris below via an hour long documentary on the iconic game and it’s long, and arduous road to the general public.


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