One of the most iconic parts of Saturday Night Live over the decades it has been around, is it’s Weekend Update segments.  There have been many classic iterations and pairings over the years.  I feel after awhile, these segment had got somewhat stagnant, but have no fear, enter Michael Che and Colin Jost.  These two fellas have brought back that classic vibe that the Weekend Update has garnered over SNL’s historic run as the go-to sketch comedy show on Saturday nights.

Being able to make current events is crucial to me personally, comedy is the best medicine, and it helps when we can chuckle at what’s going on in this crazy world, and if you haven’t noticed, it has only been getting crazier.  It doesn’t hurt I suppose when our current President, Donald Trump, is a walking and talking meme.  To the writers, Jost and Che’s credit though, they are making current events as funny as they ever been via their Weekend Update medium.  Below you can catch a few of their more most recent Weekend Update segments, God Bless Youtube. #YaDig



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