We are one week from Valentine’s Day, so it’s imperative I spread a little game for those who are going to be celebrating that holiday with your bae, boo, etc, etc.  The main man from Munchies, Matty Matheson, blesses us with another dope recipe, this time in the form of a ultra groovy Chocolate Lava Cake.  Who doesn’t like chocolate? Probably only the people who are allergic to chocolate, I’m guessing.  Dark chocolate is legitimately healthy for you. #YaDig

What you didn’t think #RBelly cared about what’s “healthy for you?”  Just because I like putting food in my belly, doesn’t mean I don’t care about health, ya know?  You can only continue to enjoy sweet treats and the like if you are conscious about your intake of such foods, ya diiiiiig!  Check out the recipe video below, and if you impregnate a woman based off the tastiness of this Cake, neither I or Matty are responsible for child support. #YaDig


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