I myself am a new and novice producer.  Once you get into the X’s and O’s of the financial toll it can take on you when it comes to music production, it’s hard for someone who is starting up to get access to the tools they need to perfect their craft and compete with those who have been doing it for years or who are more financially stable.  Thank goodness for resources like Splice.

Splice is a groovy site and application where you can not only get individual sounds you want out of the drum and sound kits they feature, but you can also rent to own a lot of very important software for music production, mixing and mastering.  Often times, if you are looking to purchase a drum kit, you only want a few of the sounds out of it, but might be forced to purchase the whole thing to save face.  With the help of Splice, those concerns go out the window.

Splice offers various price points for acquiring sounds and software, so if you are working with a tight budget, they will be able to accommodate you with their offerings.  Hit the link below to check out Splice and unlock the power of nice, affordable and creativity opening sounds and music software. #YaDig


Check Out Splice

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