It’s Thursday, so you know what that means, time to take a trip down memory lane.  One of NYC’s finest, 50 Cent dropped his immensely popular, and historic album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’,” 15 years ago.  There are so many classic cuts on that record, but the one that captivated the nation and the world, was “In Da Club.”  From the actual song, to the music video, this was a can’t miss club banger.

Newly signed at the time to Eminem and Dr.Dre, 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew had garnered a lot of attention prior to his signing via his ambitious and consistent mixtape grind in the streets of NYC and beyond.  It’s funny to think in retrospect, that Eminem’s group, D-12, passed on the Dr.Dre-produced “In Da Club” production.  In hindsight though, I don’t think any song concept they would make over that track would have done what it did for 50 Cent, glad it ended up in his hands. #YaDig

Peep the video below for “In Da Club,” I remember at the time of me seeing it, I was like “oh snap, we got a superstar on our hands,” 50 did not disappoint!


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