I constantly hear and see people talk about how R&B music isn’t the same as it used to be.  The introduction of the upper tempo, club vibe to the genre has certainly shifted the paradigm on how mainstream R&B has generally been made in recent years, but there is a soulful singer from Chicago, IL who has not deviated from his style, sound and soul.  BJ The Chicago Kid is an old soul in new school of R&B. #YaDig

BJ is the son of church choir directors, so when you check out his music the soulful, gospel type vibe is very apparent throughout it.  His knowledge of gospel music took him to the heights of being a background singer for Mary Mary, and writing songs for various artists in the genre of gospel music.  Having a good foundation based in gospel has definitely benefited him, because nothing sounds forced or choreographed in his music.

From working with gospel artists, BJ The Chicago Kid has worked with the likes of School Boy Q, Kendrick Lamar and the infamous Dr. Dre, in which he was featured on the official concept-based album “Compton,” where Dr. Dre created a new album for the biopic “Straight Out Of Compton.”  If I’m an artist, I’m getting BJ The Chicago Kid for collaborations.  His smooth and soulful style meshes very well with almost type of song.

Below you can catch his song featuring Kendrick Lamar entitled “The New Cupid,” as well as a tribute medley he created for the late great Aaliyah.



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