The Disc Jockey is the foundation of Hip Hop, when the genre came about upon it’s inception.  Over 3 decades ago, the DJ was actually the main attraction for Hip Hop, and over the years, the MC has taken the front stage between the two, but anyone who who is hip to the groove knows the DJ is and will forever always be, the one who gets the party jumping.

George Jackson, better known as DJ G-Spot, has been respectfully representin’ on the 1’s and 2’s for decades.  The highly decorated and respected DJ has been making waves from Cleveland, OH to Chicago, IL and all over the globe and he has been doing it in a way that has supplanted himself in the annals of Hip Hop and House Music history in the Midwest and beyond.  Longevity is the aim for anyone’s career in any field, but in the music industry especial, it’s very difficult to maintain prestige for a lengthy time.




Besides cutting it up in clubs all across the country and beyond, G-Spot has done his thing on the radio in markets such as Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Buffalo, NY, and Nashville, TN.  The roads DJ G-Spot has traversed are telling in the caliber of mix mastery and DJing that he is known and accustomed to.  That’s without even mentioning the grind he has put it on the mixtape circuit.

Reppin’ the Midwest hard via his street mixtapes, DJ G-Spot garnered enough respect and popularity to win a Justo Mixtape Award, which is basically a mixtape Grammy.  In fact, the Justo’s don’t exist anymore, so to have that feather in your cap as a Mixtape DJ, is incredibly prestigious.  These days, G-Spot is spinning House and Dance music exclusively, and continues to turn the party up from the Midwest to any other destination in our country and beyond.

Besides all the success he has had in his DJ career, the one thing I can personally vouch for, is that he’s a very good guy, and that to me will be more important than any accreditation from music he will ever receive. #YaDig

Below you can catch his newest DJ mix entitled, “Friday Night Fiesta.”  Also, make sure to hit the link below for his official website if you would like to book him and find out more information about the legendary and infamous DJ G-Spot



Check Out DJ G-Spot’s Official Site For Booking Info & More

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