To expound on my #Fochservation from yesterday, about the media, I decided to shine light on some people who are using the media in a decisive way to support their agenda.  This goes beyond just the media I guess, more so with science too, but using any medium to support a hair-brained theory, is very dangerous.  Enter the “Flat-Earther.”  These people are few cans short of a six pack, for sure.

There is a group of individuals, who have their own official club, even, that support a theory that our earth is not round, but indeed flat.  It’s told in history books that Christopher Columbus was trying to prove to naysayers that the world is indeed round by traveling to the other side of it, but anyone with a little intelligence knows the Spainiards were trying to expand their exhausted trade routes, nevertheless he found the world to be round by his accidental running into America.

The Flat Earthers are banging their idiot drum again, saying a recent shuttle launch by Elon Musk’s Space X was a giant hoax.  Space X recently shot their rocket “Falcon Heavy” into space, and it happened to have one of Musk’s vehicles, the Tesla Roadster on board, and the Flat EarthGang are saying it’s a hoax intended to divert attention away from Tesla’s poor sales.  Really guys? A hoax rocket launch to deter people from worrying about company sales?  I wonder what kind of drugs they were on this time…Hit this link to get more information about this tomfoolery.

Another reason I’m making this post, is because people have taken the #StayWoke hashtag and turned it into a laughing stock.  Self-awareness with the goings on of the world is key, but a lot of times people are just spewing irrelevant half-factoids to support their claims, there is nothing woke about that.  Awareness can be as shallow as a pretentious, plastic-surgery modified model, or it can be as deep as the abyss.  The whole point of ‘woke’ isn’t to sound smarter than the next person, it’s to have self-knowledge and understanding what goes on in the world and life. #YaDig  Toast to the tin-foil hat wearers indeed.


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