Hip Hop and Kung Fu seem to go hand in hand, from the Wu-Tang Clan to all the artists who are afficionados of the Kung Fu movie culture.  A lot of Kung Fu principles can translate to the elements of Hip Hop, so one can imagine when those worlds collide in music project form, the listener bears the fruit of the two forming a bond.

East Coast veteran, Agallah and West Coast producer, Dirty Diggs have teamed up for a conceptual project based off the classic Kung Fu phenomenon, “The White Lotus.”  The project, “The White Lotus” will be released February 23rd, and by the looks of the trailer and the one song off the project available via Band Camp, this should be a promising project.

Below you can watch the official trailer for the project. If you want to peep one of the tracks off the album, entitled “Evaporated,” hit the link for Agallah’s official Band Camp to listen and to pre-order the project on there or iTunes.  Also, if you are going to be in the Los Angeles area, they are having an official release party for “The White Lotus,” the information for that can be found on the flyer below.  Watch out for my first album review for #TheFochshole on “the White Lotus,” coming in the near future. #YaDig



Hit Agallah’s Official Band Camp To Pre-Order “The White Lotus” and Listen To “Evaporated”

Pre-Order “The White Lotus” on iTunes




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