Often times when an artist lays a feature for another artist, it can seem like they don’t always put their best foot forward.  That’s not to say the feature verse isn’t good, or isn’t up to par with the artist’s normal body of work, but it can feel like they let up off the gas for whatever reason.  I can tell a lot of times when it’s a rap artist on another genre of music, they sometimes can mail it in, that’s what doing something strictly for money will do, I suppose.

I decided to introduce a new segment to #TheFochshole in the form of #Taken.  In #Taken I will be posting and commentating on songs in which the featured artist stole the show, and basically made the song their own.  At that point, who is featuring who? Know what I’m saying.  To start out this concept with my best foot forward, I used the classic example of this happening with the song “Renegade.”

The iconic Jay-Z is the furthest thing from a slouch on the mic, but this chance encounter with one of the most technically gifted Hip Hop artists ever, Eminem, made him seem quite mortal.  Slim Shady completely spazzed on this record, and in my opinion is one of his top features in his entire career.  Eminem has always struck me as an artist who if they are going to take the time to spit on someone else’s track, no bars will be wasted.

Check out their collaboration below, what do you think? How much do you think Eminem came correct on this one?  Do you think Hov held his own, or was Eminem’s verse just too other-worldly?


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