If for some reason you couldn’t get enough out of the emoji’s that already exist on smartphones, you are in luck, a whole new set is going to be released this year.  The Unicode Consortium, who is the governing body for new emoji’s, has approved of 151 new ones, bringing the total emoji total to 2,823.  That’s a whole lot of emoji action. #YaDig

Me personally, I use maybe 10-15 regularly?  I honestly didn’t know there was 2,823 until I read this article, they say you learn something new every day, whether it’s of mass importance, that’s a question we might never have an answer for.  Hit this link to read the full write up via Emojipedia.  Also, you can peep a preview of the new emojis below.  This will be released the second half of 2018, so be on the emoji-look out!


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