2pac is easily one of the most icon rap artists to ever live, when many people debate who is the GOAT, his name is often brought up.  Although 2Pac isn’t as technically lyrical as many of the all-time greats, the message within his music at times was so potent it didn’t matter the rhyme scheme he spit with.  Of all the classic hits 2Pac created during his time with the living, I decided to select “Keep Ya Head Up” for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.

2pac often provided social commentary in his music, and in the track “Keep Ya Head Up,” he stayed true to his style of consciousness and uplifting messages.  I actually picked this song for a Freshman High School English project where I had to decipher the lyrics.  When you get a chance to bump some 2Pac during class, it’s a flawless victory. #YaDig  Peep the official video for “Keep Ya Head Up,” below, what is your favorite 2Pac song?  Comment below!



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