As a man, it’s part of our job to support the women in our lives, well women period, actually.  Social constructs sometimes muddy up the waters in which we traverse in, and more times than not, the women get underappreciated.  Milwaukee, WI representer, Genesis Renji understands this and decided to make a difference artistically so they can rest easy, knowing that they are appreciated.

In his lead single for his upcoming EP, “Life Is Lucid,” Renji tackles the topic of black beauty and beauty in general with a Prince-esque vibe that I would describe as smooth, sophisticated and thought-provoking.  I’m not going to lie, on first listen, I didn’t get the message, but after repeated listens and dissecting the topic, I was digging what he was shoveling. #YaDig

In a hypersensitive, masculine genre such as Hip Hop, I believe a lot of times this topic isn’t broadcast well.  We all came from a woman, so we must remind ourselves to be respectful with the women in our lives because they play a very huge part in making the world go around.  It’s important to remind ourselves, would we treat our mothers, sisters, nieces and female friends in a negative manner?  Just some food for thought.

Check the official video for “Purple Stones” below as well the linkage to purchase or stream, the song.  Be on the look out for Genesis Renji’s project, “Life Is Lucid,” coming to us in the near future.


Stream/Purchase “Purple Stones” By Genesis Renji

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