The podcast boom is booming, that we can say is a fact.  With the availability of applications like Anchor, and the affordability becoming more prosperous for getting your own equipment to host a podcast, a lot of people have jumped into the podcast game.  I feel though, there is a lot of dead weight in this category of entertainment, so I will be gradually sharing some of the podcasts I think are worth people’s listening time.

Joe Rogan has been on the entertainment scene for decades, via sitcoms, Fear Factor, UFC broadcasting, and as a stout comedian on the stand-up circuit.  I believe though, his greatest gift he has given us so far, is his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.  Joe is definitely a forward thinker, which I thoroughly enjoy because if you are not willing to challenge and break down the constructs of this world, no progress will be made.

On his podcast, he has a litany of various guests, from MMA fighters to scientists, Joe and his guests comfortably discuss the topics they speak on and aren’t afraid to get down to the brass tax of things, which is awesome, because a lot of times in the entertainment world, people can be guarded or too politically correct.  Another positive of the Joe Rogan Experience, is that you just feel like you are listening to just a couple of people shooting the breeze, which is awesome because it’s organic, and not forced.

Below you can catch the Youtube video for his most recent episode with Tony Hinchcliffe, as well as the linkage for his official Podcast site so you can download it through the various outlets people check for podcasts and the like. #YaDig



Official Site For The Joe Rogan Experience

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    1. Same, I have sought out further information I learned about on his podcasts and it has benefited me greatly, a real good guy.

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