What’s the good word amigos, the Fochsman is back with the 2nd official installment of #BFochsSnackAttacks, if you’re wondering what happened to #RBelly, he got hit by a bus and died, sad, but the show must go on, from this point forward, I will be taking the lead for the deceased R. Belly, have no worries, I will devour and promote foods with reckless abandon as R. Belly did and would, if he didn’t get hit by a bus. #YaDig

Below you can catch my review on 2 varieties of Herr’s potato chips, ketchup and Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce, watch the review below, and if you would like more information on where you can get these chips, the contact info for Herr’s is below.


Herr Foods Inc. P.O. Box 300 Nottingham, PA 19362-0300




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