I try to get fast food only a handful times a month, I learned after my younger years of thriving heavily off fast food products that you have to slow down and eat more healthy, but when I do hit up McDonald’s, the Filet-O-Fish is one of the items I partake in.  Throughout my life, it has been a staple sandwich for me at Mickey D’s, those, McChickens and McNuggets are my top 3 eats. #YaDig

Little did I know, there was a interesting history behind this sandwich, and thanks to Today I Found Out, I learned a little more than I thought I ever would, I didn’t even realize they had to cook it in a separate deep-fryer, but that makes perfect sense.  I also didn’t realize the small percentage of people who actually eat it, we are a rare breed people!  Food facts are always fun, regardless of what they are about.  Hit the video below to bask in the Filet-O-Fish’s story and glory.


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