Being that this song was never fully pushed as the single it should have been for I believe which was to be B.G.’s Atlantic Records and Grand Hustle solo debut, it went a little under the radar for the average rap fan.  This can often happen in the industry, where a very solid record doesn’t get the proper push, therefore not garnering it enough attention overall.

Not only is this a very respectable collaboration between the Chopper City legend, B.G. and the Snowman, Young Jeezy, but it is a great display of the #Taken concept, Jeezy completely made this song his own with his featured verse.  Mr. 17.5 has a very deep rap catalog with many a great verse, but as far as his features go, this is an all-timer, in my opinion.

It’s quite a phenomenal song, B.G. did what he does, but Jeezy just came with a whole different energy.  Check out “I Hustle” below, what did you think of Jeezy’s performance?  A simple one-up job?  Or classic Jeezy? Comment below. #YaDig


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