The sneaker culture is quite a phenomenon, and there are so many coveted sneakers by various brands that are in the sneaker collecting stratosphere.  My man, Bossco Mitchell has reviewed some dope kicks up to this point, but me personally, these are my favorite because of the message behind them.  The Jordan 12 “Doernbecher” is a very special shoe for more reasons than one.

With the Doernbecher Freestyle program, a young girl by the name of Carissa, was able to design these shoes.  Carissa was born without kidneys, and with the help of her twin sister, was able to survive.  With Carissa’s imprint literally all over the shoe, she was able to incorporate the things she loves, like pizza, her dog, and even putting the name of her sister, Savannah on one of the shoes.  A very heart-warming story, indeed.

Check out Bossco’s review of the shoes below, and also check out a video that gives a little more information about Carissa, and her quest to design these groovy kicks. #YaDig


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