The Sloppy Joe, is an American staple, if you haven’t had one at some point in your life, this recipe I will bestow upon you via the good people at Munchies would be a good place to start. #YaDig  Certainly, there are numerous adaptations of the Sloppy Joe, but when you can combine the great stylings of Italian Cuisine with an already magnificient creation, that’s what we call a win or as DJ Khaled would say #AMajorKey.

Once again, the fine folks of Munchies dropped a great recipe, this time infusing the cult classic, the Sloppy Joe, with the Italian classic, the Italian Bolognese.  Sometimes when worlds collide, it doesn’t end harmonious, in this instance, we are clear of scenario.  Check out the recipe below, and if you aren’t down with Munchies wave, I highly suggest you get on it!


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