EMP Representer, Maal Himself, and head of the House of Renji, Genesis Renji, teamed up for a very spicy EP entitled, Blk Wntr.  As far as concepts are concerned, they absolutely destroyed this project conceptually.  Often times, we here the tales of relationships and how things amongst exes can get very muddy and murky, this project exemplifies the attitude that, “I’m good, keep it moving,” type of vibe, and the music coincides greatly with that theme.

For only being a 4-track project, the poignancy of the music and vibe makes it feel like a full feature project.  Blk Wntr has great replay value, I feel like if an EP is done in this manner, with a cohesive concept backed by quality music, you can greatly flourish in this music game.  With a guest cast that consists of Jayne Joyce, Renz Young, Camb, Klassik and Monique Ross of SistaStrings, the features put a nice exclamation point on a stout project.

If you went through a bad break up and need a soundtrack to vibe with it, this thing is a home run, it’s just a good project in general, regardless. #YaDig Check out Blk Wntr below via your preferred music purchasing and streaming platform.


Check Out Maal Himself x Genesis Renji-Blk Wnter

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