I don’t know about you guys, but I vehemently dislike people who try to make a mockery of history and adjust the past to support their narrative and directive.  History is past facts, and when someone tries to sculpt past times into their own truth, that is very dangerous and diabolical.  On a lighter note though, I’m very interested in when movies cover a period in time, and I love seeing how accurate the historic journey they took was.

For people like me, or people who are just trying to see if their favorite movie held up to it’s part by using great historic accuracy, there is an awesome YouTube Channel dedicated to such findings, it’s name, is History Buffs.  History Buffs breaks down movies who base things on historic events and movies that are “based on a true story,” and acknowledges or corrects it’s accuracy.

Often times, when we are watching a movie about a historic or true event, we get lost in the Hollywood glitz and glamor, and aren’t particularly concerned with its overall accuracy.  To some, knowing the truth could ruin the movie for them, I personally just think it adds to its greatness.  It’s hard to portray everything completely accurate in a lot of historic events, so I’m not going to be a grinch and hold it against a movie creator if it’s not 100 percent accurate, but I would surely like to know the back story in its truthful detail. #YaDig

Check out an episode History Buffs did on the classic Tom Hanks movie, Saving Private Ryan below, and if you enjoy learning the history behind some of your favorite movies and movies you have yet to see, make sure to subscribe to their channel.




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