A lot of people sleep on the talent that Rocko possesses.  To many, he’s not a rapper’s rapper, he has even personally admitted it’s more of a hustle for him than anything, which may persuade many to discredit his talents on the mic.  Be that as it may, I personally think his feature on T.I.’s “I Can’t Help It,” showed what he is capable of as an artist.

For Rocko’s first half of his verse, it would be hyperbole to say he killed T.I. with it, I would say everything is about square until the 2nd part starts.  The 2nd part though, Rocko just unleashes, in my opinion, overall, this is his finest verse.  T.I. is credited with being a trap wordsmith, and let’s just say Rocko got the message, and showed up in full force on this record.  A great collaboration indeed, but I can confidently say Rocko stole the show. #YaDig

Check out “I Can’t Help It’ below, do you agree that Rocko made it his own?  Or did the King Of The South just have a respectable feature on one of his great tracks?  Comment below.


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