How’s it going everyone?  I took the week off from #SnackAttack last week because I was enjoying myself on a little trip in good ole Milwaukee, WI.  I will definitely be posting up some footage from that excursion in the coming weeks, so make sure you stay out on the look out. #YaDig  I did something a little different than I have in the first few #SnackAttack segments with this one, today I reviewed a beverage.

I don’t think many would disagree that ice cold water is the best beverage for you to intake, both with health and refreshing capabilities out of this world.  I got my paws on some sparkling water I have yet to try, so I figured why not give it a go, check out my take on the La Croix Curate Sparkling Water I sampled below, and make sure to subscribe to The Fochshole’s official YouTube Channel so you can be constantly connected to the videos I create. #YaDig  If you need more information on La Croix Curate that can be found below as always.



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