Anyone that’s been listening to Hip Hop for a good amount of time is familiar with the rap prowess of one Royce Da 5’9.  The Detroit MC has been tearing up the microphone for going on two decades, so it should come as no surprise that he flamed the booth when he visited Funk Flex for a freestyle.  If this is your first time hearing Royce, I can’t think of any other first impression he could give that would solidify himself as an all-time great MC.

As stated above, Royce Da 5’9, along with DJ Premier, recently paid Funk Flex and Hot 97 a visit for a promo run for the second installment of DJ Premier and Royce’s PRhyme endeavors.  Their record PRhyme 2 will be dropping next Friday, March 16th.  The first one was of high quality, and I don’t doubt the two came together to make a great sequel.  Peep that when it comes out next week, and check how busy Royce Da 5’9 got on the mic with Funk Flex below.


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