Kanye West’s debut album The College Dropout resonates with a generation, and then some.  The Chicago, IL producer extraordinaire dropped a bomb in the form of one of the most inspirational and critically acclaimed Hip Hop albums of all time in 2004.  It’s crazy to think The College Dropout is 14 years old as of February of this year, but here we are, amazing how time flies.

Up until the point of Kanye releasing this album, he was purely known as a producer in the game, who crafted classic productions for the booming Roc-A-Fella records at the time, and many others.  Kanye had been trying to prove to people he was a good rapper too, but nobody wanted to pay him any mind.  Anyone who doubted Yeezy was eating crow after The College Dropout came out. #YaDig

There are many stand out cuts from this record, but my personal favorite off the LP would have to be “All Falls Down,” featuring Syleena Johnson.  The conscious Kanye that many wish would return is encapsulated on this song, with a very soulful hook by Johnson that ties the song and overall concept together.  The video for said track is quite groovy too, a nice little cameo by Stacy Dash never hurt nobody, well I guess it depends who you ask about her these days.

I digress, check out the official video for the song below.  What is your favorite record off The College Dropout?  What is your overall favorite Kanye West song?  Comment below. #YaDig


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