The West Coast has birthed some of the most historic and legendary artists in the history of Hip Hop.  It would appear they have another future superstar on their hands in the form of an artist by the name of G. Perico.  The South Central LA product has been buzzing hard for the last couple of years, and with a style that is true and literally blue to where he comes from.

Pledging himself not only to the Crips, but to the G-Funk era style of West Coast music, G. Perico is a blast from the past, with a fresh new perspective on the happenings of what has gone on in his life and the culture in current day South Central LA.  It’s always interesting and enjoyable when a new generation of artist from the various regions in the music game across this country pay homage to where they are from.  Most importantly, is when they do it with their own twist.  Perico would definitely be classified as one of those artists.

As the project releases continues and time goes on, G. Perico will be a household name in the entire rap game, which he is starting to be already now, for the most part.  Hell, I live in Wisconsin and I’m hip to Perico, shouts to the homie who plugged me on this West Coast legend in the making. #YaDig  Below you can catch a new interview G. Perico did with Snoop Dogg for his GGN web series, as well as a few videos to display what G. Perico brings to the table.  Keeping it left on the Left Coast hasn’t been this dope in a while.





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