When it comes to food and such, I usually champion things that might not always be the best for you health wise.  For those of you who eat strictly vegan or with your health consciousness in mind, today you are in luck.  California cuisine has a style of it’s own, and when you get a chance to infuse their brand of culinary magic with a healthy meal, it’s generally a good thing.

YouTube Channel, Now You Know, has it’s own vegan cooking segments with two fellas named Bobby and Brent.  When I saw that pizza was the topic of conversation for this installment, I was intrigued.  Me personally, I certainly don’t live that vegan life, just can’t personally stomach nothing but vegetables and what have you.  A California Vegan Pizza, although, it something I would give a whirl.

Pizza is an elite food, one of my favorite foods, actually, so I would certainly be interested in trying all the iterations of the tasty dish, including this one below.  Check out the video on how to make Vegan California Pizza below, and salute to you for having the willpower to stick to your guns with your Vegan lifestyle, it’s not easy. #YaDig




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