The legendary Brooklyn MC, Notorious B.I.G., had a career that was obviously cut short due to his death 21 years ago.  Although the candle was put out in a sad and sudden matter, he had many classic records in his catalog.  One of those being “Who Shot Ya.”  The Hitmen-produced track has one of the most iconic productions in the annals of Hip Hop.

Many have tried, and many have failed when it comes to trying to do this beat justice in forms of freestyles and remakes of the classic Biggie record.  One person who did it justice, who should not come as any surprise, is Jadakiss.  It’s very fitting also that ‘Kiss personally know Notorious B.I.G., so I reckon that adds a little more incentive for Jadakiss to come correct over his late friend’s record.  How do you think Jadakiss did on the “Who Shot Ya” beat?  Comment below.




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