Farm Fresh, locally grown, non-GMO, the list goes on.  Healthy eating is incredibly important, and with people trying to cut corners in hopes of earning cashola, people need to be aware of what is going on out in the Farmer’s Market scene.  When someone is focused so heavily on a task at hand, such as healthy eating, sometimes their judgement gets murky, this video below should help reaffirm sound judgement. #YaDig

CNBC does great investigative reporting when it comes to delving into shady businesses and uncovering the truth of how they operate.  Now I must preface this video post a little bit, by saying obviously all Farmer’s Markets do not partake in these nefarious activities.  It certainly does not hurt to be aware of what they can do, though, to screw you over on your quest for healthy living and fresh produce.

Check the video out below, education is crucial, and you certainly don’t want to get taken to the cleaners when you are just trying to support legitimate farmers and obtain fresh produce for your consumption.


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